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Trauma Resource Institute
427 N. Yale Ave., #202
Claremont, CA 91711
909-626-4070 office

Executive Director, please contact:

Elaine Miller-Karas, LCSW, Executive Director, Trauma Resource Institute
427 N. Yale Avenue, #202
Claremont, CA  91711

Deenise Kosct,  TRI Training Coordinator,

If you have questions regarding present and/or future trainings or if you have  questions regarding  any technical difficulties when registering or paying for any items to Deenise Kosct at 408-315-6499.

Cecile Chronister, Webmaster,  408-348-2884,

If you have any questions regarding the Website.

Karen Chatt, Secretary, 909-626-4070,

If you have questions about finding a TRM therapist or CRM Trainer or want to leave a message for Elaine please contact TRIs Secretary, Karen Chatt.

Silvia Q. Gudino, Associate Program Manager, 909-682-4557,

If you have questions with regard to TRI’s programs,  our international programs and veterans programs or other issues with regard to the Trauma Resource Institute,  please contact:

If you have questions with regard to research, TRI has created a resource collaborative made up of individuals and academics studying TRM and CRM.  Please contact TRI’s Associate Program Manager, Silvia Gudino at ProgramManagerTRI@icloud for more information or call TRI’s office at 909-626-4070.



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