CRM Train the Trainer In Claremont, CA on June 22-26, 2017


CRM Skills Trainer – Certification Course

Schedule: June 22-26, 2017
Times: 9am to 5pm
Claremont, CA
Location Contact: Deenise Kosct

Trainers: Elaine Miller-Karas, LCSW
Training Coordinator: Deenise Kosct
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The Community Resiliency Model Skills Trainer Certification Course

The objectives of the CRM Skills Trainer Certification Course are as follows:

  1. The participants will be able to describe the six skills of the Community Resiliency Model.
  2. The participants will be able to demonstrate three teaching methods for teaching the three core skills (Tracking, Resourcing and Grounding).
  3. The participants will be able to write at least two individualized CRM lesson plans for client.
  4. The participants will be able to demonstrate methods for teaching CRM skills (Gesturing, Help now, Shift and stay).
  5. The participants will be able to list two or more ways to teach the CRM skills in group formats.
  6. The participants will be able to discuss three ethical considerations in teaching CRM skills.
  7. The participants will be able to describe two research outcomes about the Community Resiliency Model.
  8. The participants will be able to discuss three ways to bring cultural competency into a CRM skills training.

The course will be a combination of lecture, discussion, practice and student teaching.

Certification Process

  • Upon successful completion of the CRM Skills training you will be provisionally certified as a CRM Skills Trainer.
  • You will receive individual feedback and evaluation from the instructors. In addition, peer feedback is provided.
  • Continued teaching of the CRM skills under the consultation of a CRM Skills Master Trainer/Mentor is necessary until the provisionally certified trainer passes the fidelity assessment by successfully completing:
    • the CRM Train the Skills Trainer Training
    • the CRM Self-Assessment
    • demonstrates proficiency by providing a 30 minute video teaching the core skills to community members.

The CRM Skills Master Trainer/Mentor will assess that all requirements have been met and review the video and self-assessment.

Certification Maintenance

To maintain certification, each CRM Skills Trainer is required to:

  • Teach at least two (2) CRM Skills Orientations and two (2) CRM Skills Trainings per year.
  • Attend a 4 hour CRM Update which will be provided by your CRM Master Trainer/Mentor or by the Trauma Resource Institute every two years by webinar.
  • Present the CRM Training using the standard materials provided upon certification. While instructors are free to exercise creativity when contextualizing content in local settings, they may not otherwise alter course materials. CRM Master Trainers welcome questions or concerns related to the fidelity of the CRM model.
  • Collect evaluations from each course participant to whom a certificate of completion is issued.
  • Respect the privacy of course participants, colleagues and others, including the responsibility to protect personal information acquired from registration and evaluation forms. The future use of personal stories or experiences shared by participants, without explicit permission from these persons is strictly prohibited.


Once certified, instructors are granted access to a variety of materials designed to help develop and present the program, including:  

  • Registration on the Website of the Trauma Resource Institute – Provides access to program materials and resources needed to teach and promote the CRM Skills Training program, including course PowerPoint, handouts and exercises, evaluation forms, certificate of completion, and adaptable templates for the marketing and promotion of trainings.
  • Enrollment in the CRM Facebook group when launched– will provides a venue for communication with other trainers in which to discuss CRM-related concerns and share news about developments in your community.
  • Access to Continuing Mentoring and Technical Assistance – Connects CRM Skills Trainers with CRM Master Trainers who will respond to concerns related to the delivery of trainings. They will also be available to help connect skills trainers with others who share interests or areas of specialization.
  • Eligible to apply to facilitate on international trips.


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