Elaine Miller-Karas was one of the presenters at the International Conference held in Puebla, Mexico in October 2014 sponsored by Juconi.    Sandra Cortes Iniestra, Director of Development for Juconi and a CRM Skills Trainer has trained 40 of Juconi’s staff in Puebla, Mexico.  Go to their website to learn more.

Juarez, Mexico –  Martha Parra and Marina Compean, Global TRI Trainers, trained counselors from Juarezz in El Paso, Texas.  The counselors are working with some of the worse femicide in the Western Hemisphere.  The project was funded by the University of Northern Colorada and was spearheaded by Claire Thomas Duckwitz.   There is a research component to this study.    The TRI trainers were humbled by the dedication of the counselors.   The training materials were all in Spanish and provided by Spanish-speaking trainers.

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