New Mexico

TRI is a nonprofit, incorporated in New Mexico.  Two of our strongest supporters, Geneie Everett and  Ellen Elgart reside in New Mexico.   Geneie Everett and Elaine Miller-Karas wrote the first derivation of the Trauma Resiliency Model called Trauma First Aide.   Ellen Elgart, one of TRI’s global trainers has been involved with TRI since its beginning and has supported our international efforts in China, Haiti, Africa and Turkey.   Daniel Bruce who resides in Santa Fe has also supported our work internationally and helped inform TRI about serving veterans.

TRI has conducted trainings through the Upaya Zen Center and has trained many Buddhist Chaplains in our Trauma Resiliency Model.  Mary Zitkin is one of those trained who now heads our efforts in Portland, Oregon.

TRI continues to offer our Trauma Resiliency Model trainings in Santa Fe, New Mexico and have trained professionals and community members from many social service agencies.

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