New York

Syracuse, New York sponsored its first TRM Level 1 Training in 2012 under the guidance of Dr. William Cross, West Point Graduate, and a most dedicated therapist helping the wounded warriors of the United States.    Dr. Cross is now a TRM Trainer and he has brought together a dynamic team of dedicated community members and mental health professionals to learn TRM and its wellness skills the Community Resiliency Model.  The dedicated New Yorkers include Deb Bateman, Dr. Ron Fish, Ellen Ford, Maria Johnson, Kate Kelsen, Ellen Ketchum, Kara Lukash, Maureen Mastine, Tina Snyder, Sarah Stanton, Peter Swords.

This dedicated group of trained individuals in CRM through the Syracuse, New York area including Vera House (a domestic violence organization), Head Start, Clear Path for Veterans and OnCare,

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