Northern Ireland

Lesley Carroll, an Irish Activist, Minister and Politician, attended a TRI training in London in 2015.   Lesley had the dream of bringing the Community Resiliency Model (CRM) Training program to Northern Ireland, to build a cadre of CRM Skills Trainers in Ireland to focus on resiliency building skills from the people of Northern Ireland who have lived in the wake of the “troubles” or “conflict” since the peace accords were signed in 1997.     Elaine Miller-Karas, TRI’s Executive Director, Michael Sapp, the Associate Executive Director and Cynthia Costas Cohen, the President of TRI’s Board of Directors have made two development trips to Belfast.    We have meet passionate, kind and compassionate individuals who have exhibited the amazing resiliency of the Irish people.   We have met many community members who have shared their visions for the present and the future of Northern Ireland.    TRI was honored to be hosted by the Republic of Ireland’s Ambassador at his home in Belfast with a dinner.   At the dinner, key individuals, representing community and governmental agencies were present to hear about CRM.   A lively discussion ensued about the challenges faced.   Elaine shared the elements of CRM and the hope of training Northern Ireland’s own people to be trainers so that CRM’s wellness skills could be shared throughout the country infused with their own cultural vision.   TRI will return in June of 2017 to launch the first CRM Training-Train the Trainer in Northern Ireland.

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