Published & Pending Research



Haiti Earthquake Relief Project’s Training Evaluation Report Agathe Jean Baptiste
A Case for Using Biologically-Based Mental Health Intervention in Post-Earthquake China Elaine Miller-Karas/L. Leitch
Somatic Experiencing Treatment with Social Service Workers following Katrina and Rita L. Leitch
Trauma Resiliency Model Survey conducted by the Department of Behavioral Health, San Bernardino County, California Mariann Ruffalo, MBA


Walter Reed Medical Center Research in Progress
Haiti Elder Study, HelpAge/TRI/ UUSC Mark Dust ,Stephanie Citron,  Elaine Miller-Karas,
Family Medicine Study MAHEC Mary Lynn Barrett, MPH
Department of Behavioral Health, San Bernardino County Community Resiliency Model Project and Veterans Extension Project Stephanie Citron, Shanelle Boyle, Elaine Miller-Karas, Laurie Leitch
iChill Research In progress
Ivory Coast Loma Linda University Research Beverly Buckles, Phd

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