TRI Faculty

TRI Faculty include TRM Master Trainers, CRM Master Trainers and Training Facilitators.


Bill Cross, PhD LMFT has been a practicing psychotherapist for over 40 years working with veterans, other individuals, couples and families. He specializes with those dealing with histories of trauma. His practice includes Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Resiliency Model and he conducts Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes at the Zen Center of Syracuse, N.Y. He is a combat veteran and in addition to being a West Point graduate, taught leadership and psychology at West Point after his service in Viet Nam.  He also is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Onondaga Community College and was awarded the State University of New York Chancellors Award for Excellence in Teaching.  Bill is a CRM and TRM Master Trainer and has been leading efforts to bring TRM and CRM to upstate New York.

Brenda Williams, LMFT

Brenda Williams, LMFT, is a psychotherapist in private practice in West Los Angeles, California. Brenda is a TRM Master Trainer as well as an EMDR Consultant. Ms. Williams has a rich background in community involvement in the psychotherapeutic community within the United States. She has been a leading force in the evolvement of the Trauma Resource Institute and participated in their international trips to China. She was instrumental in the first training class of TRM skills at the Veterans' Administration in Los Angeles and was one of the first TRM Consultants in Los Angeles. Ms. Williams is committed to the goals of the Trauma Resource Institute and will bring her community skills to enhance the Trauma Resource Institute's Board of Directors.

Carol Michelson, PhD

Carol Michelson is a Licensed Psychologist who has maintained a private practice in Claremont, CA for the past 30 years.  Carol is a TRM/CRM Master Trainer and she has participated in training individuals in the United States, China, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  In addition, she was instrumental in bringing TRM/CRM to San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health where she worked as a clinician and supervisor for over 30 years.  Carol has been committed to providing services to the underserved and has received awards from the San Bernardino County Mental Health Commission and from the County Board of Supervisors for the quality of care that she provided.

Carol has a long history of interest in trauma and in cross cultural work.  She served on the board of Project SISTER in the 1970’s and on the National Steering Committee of Women Against Violence against Women in the 1980’s.  She has also conducted research in Peru and in Western Europe. Carol has publications in the area of cross-cultural psychology and was the co-recipient of the Stirling Award from the American Anthropological Association for outstanding research in Culture and Personality Studies.

Catherine Taylor, MFT

Born and raised in the culturally diverse San Francisco Bay Area, Catherine has an eclectic therapeutic style that fits many people. She specializes working in the field of trauma. She is currently working with families, couples, children, teens and adult individuals. Using a variety of techniques such as Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioral Ecotherapy and Trauma Resource Model, Catherine adapts her skills to a client's needs. Catherine is becoming a certified TRM facilitator and therapist to deepen her skills as a therapist who specializes in Trauma.

Cynthia Costas Cohen, LMFT, TRI FACULTY

Cynthia Costas Cohen is a licensed psychotherapist in Beverly Hills, California. She earned her Masters’ degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles during which time she interned at a community mental health clinic and a juvenile detention center.

Cynthia served on the board of The Robert McCormick Boys and Girls Club of Chicago for many years where she worked in fundraising and orchestrating events. She is currently on the board of the My Hero Project, a not-for-profit educational organization that provides children all over the world with an opportunity to use media and video technology to share their stories of the people in their lives that have impacted them. Cynthia assists in the bi-annual film festivals, event planning and fundraising.

Cynthia is known for her expertise in trauma, utilizing many modalities. She studied hypnosis under the tutelage of renowned hypnotherapists Dr. Michael Yapko and Dr. Jeffrey Zeig. She is certified by The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis as well as being a certified EMDR practitioner. Cynthia also co-facilitates trainings for The Trauma Resource Institute that utilizes an integrative mind-body intervention based on somatic therapies.

Her friendship and professional association with lifestyle and fitness expert Jim Karas led to the creation of their book, The 7-Day Energy Surge, a New York Times bestseller.


Dana received her MSW at the University of Michigan in 1999. Her practice has focused on high needs children and families and she has provided therapy in group home, outpatient, school and intensive in-home settings. Before receiving clinical training Dana had a career teaching science. Since 2003 she has combined her skills in educator and mental health in the job of School Counselor. For six plus years Danahas worked in the Arlee School District on the Flathead Reservation in Montana, home of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. There her passion for reducing the number, and limiting the effects of adverse childhood experiences, lead her to the work of TRI. She now brings CRM and TRM skills to her clientele in the schools and elsewhere and is committed to expanding the work of TRI in Montana and beyond. Dana is a both a CRM and TRM Master Trainer. Contact info: or 406-239-1106

Daniel Bruce

Daniel Bruce, National & Internationally recognized teacher and clinician of Mindfulness Meditation, Qigong/Tai Chi, Acupuncture, and founder of the Santa Fe Center for Conscious Living. Daniel has been involved with TRI since it’s beginning, assisting at various national and international sites for the past 7 years, most recently in Haiti. Daniel is a former Marine combat veteran having served in Viet Nam. That experience and his training in Somatic Experiencing (SE) and the Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) inform Daniel’s participation in representing the TRI model.

Daniel Mermin, Ph.D

Daniel Mermin, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in Asheville, NC., with over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist with couples, individuals, families, and groups. Currently he specializes in working with adult survivors of childhood or more recent trauma; couples in crisis; and men's issues.

Dan has a broad base of training in various therapy approaches, including individual psychodynamic and experiential therapy, Imago therapy for couples, Bowenian family systems therapy, and a number of body-focused approaches--Gestalt therapy, Psychomotor therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and most recently, the Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM). He has also conducted numerous workshops for professionals, particularly in the area of predictable consequences of childhood abuse, and experiential methods for its treatment.

He holds a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Georgia State University.

Contact information:
53 Arlington St. (828) 251-5096
Asheville, NC 28801


Ellen has been a psychotherapist in private practice in Washington, D.C. and Santa Fe, NM for almost 30 years. She specializes in the areas of substance abuse, adoption, depression, recovery and trauma from a somatic, neurobiological perspective. She has worked with the Trauma Resource Institute since its inception and has travelled globally to many of TRI’s International projects and has taught and facilitated at many of the domestic trainings for TRI. She coordinated the Haiti Earthquake Relief Project for TRI.   Ellen is Master TRM Trainer.

Ellen G Ledley, LCSW

Ellen G Ledley, LCSW has been working with survivors of trauma for over 30 years. She served as the program director of the Family Violence Project of Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles and worked at the UCLA Trauma Psychiatry Program. Committed to helping people find resiliency and healing, Ellen is an EMDR and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), trained in Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR) and also uses Trauma Release Exercises (TRE). Ellen has been providing trauma therapy at Bridges to Recovery, a residential treatment program for people with serious mental health issues since 2011.

Ellen works with couples, both straight and gay and with parents struggling with parenting traumatized children and issues of attachment. Adoption is one of her specialties and she works with all aspects of the adoption triangle. She is also trained in discernment counseling for couples considering divorce. Ellen has always been interested in how people navigate diversity in themselves and their relationships and incorporates mindfulness, yoga and Zen Buddhist meditation practice into her work.

Ellen has a BA in Fine Arts from the SF Art Institute, moved to Los Angeles to be involved in the Woman’s Building, and earned her MSW from the USC. She serves on the advisory board of Peace Over Violence (formerly LACAAW) and introduced CRM to the agency. Ellen holds a black belt in karate and has taught self-defense to women. She has trained both professionals and paraprofessionals and has taught graduate-level courses on domestic violence. Ellen is passionate about understanding the links between trauma of all kinds and the conditions that cause suffering and believes that healing from trauma is possible. Ellen is very excited to be working with TRI and is committed to spreading both CRM and TRM.

Eva Nagel, PhD

J. Eva Nagel has a psychotherapy practice in Schenectady and Saratoga Springs, New York. She earned a master’s degree in Waldorf Education, and founded the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs. She later attended Lesley University in Cambridge Massachusetts for her PhD which focused on resilience in adolescent girls. Dr. Nagel founded Side by Side, a dynamic youth leadership program in NYC, PA and LA. She has worked with The People’s Institute for Undoing Racism and with Peacemaking Circles, a tool for restorative justice. She teaches at SUNY Adirondack College and has served as a consultant at RPI, Power of Hope and Brown School. She is a facilitator with the Trauma Resource Institute. She is also a published author. Eva is a wife of 1, mother of 4 and proud Grandmother of 2!


Jan Click, LCSW, retired from the Veterans Administration in 2012 after 32 years of service. Ms. Click has been a consultant to the Trauma Resource Institute as a result of her vast experience in working with veterans and their families. She is a Master Trainer for the Trauma Resource Institute and coordinated the Veterans Extension Project for TRI which was funded by the Mental Health Services Act. Ms. Click is also an EMDR Certified Therapist and EMDR Approved Consultant and has been a facilitator at EMDR trainings for the Department of the Army. She is a renowned national expert in the area of innovative treatments, helping our veterans and families heal from the repercussions of combat zone and military trauma. Ms. Click offers a free monthly TRM telephone consultation call that is open to clinicians working with active duty military, veterans and their families. Ms. Click has a psychotherapy practice in Encino and Valencia where she specializes in treating both military and civilian trauma.   She is Master CRM Trainer and TRM Facilitator an Consultant.

Jennifer Burton, LMFT, CEAT, Director of Education & Training

Jennifer Burton is a licensed marriage family therapist, certified EMDR therapist, and expressive arts therapist in Los Angeles.  Jennifer has worked with the Trauma Resource Institute (TRI) since 2006.  She is a master trainer for TRI, co-teaching both Level 1 and Level 2 Trainings in addition to developing specialty classes for TRM and coordinating and co-facilitating TRM consultation groups.  Jennifer has been instrumental as one of TRI’s lead trainers in bringing the Community Resiliency Model to underserved populations throughout the United States.  She led TRI's recent efforts in Orlando, Florida, following the Pulse attack.   She has worked at Sherman Oaks Hospital working with chronically mentally ill adults.  Jennifer is now the Director of Education and Training for the Trauma Resource Institute.  Jennifer also has a private practice specializing in trauma and attachment issues with children, adults, couples, and families.

Jessica K. Waterson, M.A., LMFT, TRI FACULTY

Jessica Waterson is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, received her Masters in Marriage Family Therapy at Argosy University in San Diego and her B.A. in Psychology at San Diego State University.   Ms. Karas completed her internship hours at Bay Recovery Center and Alvarado Parkway Institute in San Diego.   Jessica is a Community Resiliency Model Master Trainer and TRM facilitator and consultant.  She has assisted the director with a conference in Nairobi, Kenya for community activists from 17 African nations working to end female genital mutilation.  She also facilitated CRM Train the Trainers in many localities, including at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, Center for Community Solutions, and the County of San Bernardino   Ms. Karas has a private practice in San Diego, California, specializing in helping individuals, couples and families.   Ms. Karas was the featured therapist in two episodes of  Intervention, an A&E television reality series.

Jessica Klein, LCSW

Jessica is a passionate and active practitioner of the Trauma Resiliency Model in her psychotherapy practice. As a somatically oriented psychotherapist, Jessica focuses on wellness by integrating a mind/body approach informed by the most recent neuroscience. Jessica was part of TRI's international team to Haiti. Jessica specializes in treating trauma, with extensive experience working with sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse.

Joel Andres, LMFT

Joel Andres has a private practice in Beverly Hills, California. He is EMDR-certified, as well as psychodynamically and somatically trained, and specializes in unresolved situational and developmental trauma, attachment, issues effecting minors, issues effecting males, separation and divorce, sexual orientation and gender, and issues related to authority/autonomy and the impact of the legal system. He currently teaches Neurobiology of Trauma, Treatment of Trauma, Treatment of Co-occurring Substance Abuse and PTSD, Professional Ethics and the Law, Child and Adolescent Development, Child Advocacy and Object Relations at Antioch University Los Angeles in the Masters of Psychology Program. Prior to working as a psychotherapist, Joel navigated Los Angeles County’s complex dependency court system as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate for children in foster care, worked as a litigator in state and federal court in California, and as an investigative reporter. In addition to his private practice and teaching experience, Joel is proud to work with Trauma Resource Institute as a facilitator and instructor. He holds degrees from Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Antioch University Los Angeles.


Kate is a practicing NYS licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with over 25 years of experience working with families, couples, & individuals. She is a certified CRM skills trainer, a TRM facilitator, and a TRM trainer-in-training. Her specialty is working with families with young children and with couples experiencing stress/trauma. Kate has studied at the Brazelton Touchpoints Center in Boston, Becky Bailey's Conscious Discipline, Gottman's Couples Therapy, and Heart Centered Hypnotherapy. She has a private practice in Skaneateles, NY and also works as the Mental Health Coordinator for a large Head Start & Early Head Start program in Syracuse, NY. She has been instrumental in bringing CRM trainings to Head Start & Early Head Start staff and has also introduced it to parents in the program. Before working with Head Start, she worked with JD/PINS teenagers and then elementary age children and their families. Kate incorporates her mind-body perspective into her work and finds CRM & TRM to be life changing for people.

Kim Cookson, Psy.D

Kim Cookson, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist, having received her doctorate in psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. Currently, Dr. Cookson is the Trauma Training Director at the Southern California Counseling Center. Previously she was the Doctoral Training Director at SCCC. She is certified in EMDR and has a private practice in the Century City area where she sees individuals and couples who come with issues ranging from trauma, anxiety and depression to life transitions and relational struggles. Dr. Cookson states that the TRM model has become essential to her work – whether working primarily in the somatic realm or integrating it into EMDR or talk therapy.

Kirby Plamer, LCSW

Kirby is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is in Private Practice in Claremont, CA. He holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from San Diego State University and has been Licensed in California since 1990. In addition to his private practice he is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Social Work at Cal State University San Bernardino and is a consultant to the Claremont Police Department. As a part of his practice he is a group facilitator for Health and monitoring support group for attorneys and physicians. In recent years he has been active with TRI as a group facilitator. He has found the TRM skills to be a very valuable addition to hispractice and feels privileged to be part of the TRI team.

Linda T. Klane, LMFT

Linda Klane is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Board Certified Professional Counselor treating trauma survivors in Woodland Hills, CA. For 20 years she supervised MFT interns under  CARE Associates and paraprofessional counselors at Temple Beth Hillel. She is certified in EMDR and Clinical Hypnosis. She worked at VAMC Sepulveda where she published research on Human Memory and at UCLA in the Section on Legal Psychiatry. She served as Chair for the BBS Task Force on Child Abuse, Alcoholism and Drug Dependency and as member on the L.A.County Task Force on Incest Survivors. A member of Psi Chi and Order of the Old Well at UNC, she has presented workshops at CSUN and L.A.Valley College and qualified as Expert Witness on Child Abuse in Ventura County.


Marina Compean is a bilingual, bicultural Licensed Clinical Social worker.  She is a Master TRM and CRM Trainer.  Previously, she served on Faculty at White Memorial Medical Center Family Residency Program.  Ms. Compean received her Masters degree in Social Welfare at UCLA and trained at the UCLA Neuropsychology Institute. For the last 14 years, she has provided clinical services for at-risk children and youth, LGBTQ young adults, as well as adults in community centers, schools, and medical settings.  Ms. Compean has developed a curriculum and patient-centered care programs infused with mind-body principles, and informed by interpersonal neurobiology. She maintains a small psychotherapy private practice and is active with Trauma Resource Institute.  She has assisted in translating the TRM/CRM materials into Spanish and pioneered teaching CRM Training in Spanish with Martha Parra, LCSW.   Her professional interests include: depression, anxiety, chronic stress, coping with life transitions and life-limiting illness, as well trauma

Martha Parra, LCSW

Martha Parra is a bicultural and bilingual, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She is currently working at the Department of Behavioral Health with the County of San Bernardino with the Juvenile Justice System.  Ms. Parra received her Master’s degree in Social Work at University of Southern California (USC), where she specialized in the Community Organization Planning and Administration (COPA).  Ms. Parra has extensive experience working with the geriatric population, crisis intervention, substance abuse, at-risk children such as foster care youth, LGBTQ, and gang members.  She has also provided counseling and spiritual instruction for children and adolescents on a volunteer basis.  For the last 11 years, she has provided clinical services and crisis services for children, transitional aged youth, adults, and older adults in community centers, schools, and outpatient clinics.  Most recently, her work has included training clinicians, managers, and support staff in the Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) at the Department of Behavioral Health and training community members within the Community Resiliency Model (CRM).   Ms. Parra has also provided services for families interested in becoming foster or adoptive parents.  She is also currently a Master Trainer and Facilitator with the Trauma Resource Institute (TRI).

Mary Zinkin, Ph.D.

Mary Zinkin co-founded and serves as Assistant Professor in the Conflict Resolution Graduate Program at Portland State University. She teaches Negotiation and Mediation, Advanced Mediation, Transforming Anger, Applied Conflict Interventions, Understanding Trauma and Building Resiliency, and supervises the Conflict Resolution Resource Center. She is committed to developing reflective practitioners, and teaches Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness in the classroom and in the community. Mary also received Level One and Level Two Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) training in becoming an Ordained Buddhist Chaplain. Understanding deeply the involuntary relationship that is created when crime is committed, Mary facilitates Restorative Justice Dialogues between victims/survivors of crime and offenders. Mary has trained and consulted with law enforcement officers for fifteen years, and now uses the Community Resiliency Model (CRM) to support police officers involved in critical incidents. Mary offers spiritual direction at the Interfaith Spiritual Center and serves as a Facilitator for CRM trainings.

Melissa Boley, LCPC, TRI Faculty

Melissa Boley began her career in social services in 1978. She has worked many different venues in social services from Hartford Ct. to Seattle, with diverse populations and age groups. She obtained her Masters in 1986, and has been in Private Practice since 1990 in SunValley , Idaho. She is founder and Director of The Sexual Abuse Family Recovery Program and Shared Parenting Seminars in the Wood River Valley. Melissa is a TRM and CRM Master Trainer.  Melissa is also an Intern Supervisor for the State of Idaho, a Teaching Assistant for Somatic Experiencing and a TRI Consultant and Facilitator. Melissa is a TRI Consultant, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and holds advanced certifications in EMDR and family therapy.

Merdice Ellis, LMFT

Merdice Ellis is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
In her private practice in West Los Angeles Merdice works with clients dealing with unresolved grief, trauma and phase of life transitioning. Beginning in 2011 Merdice began her training and subsequent work with (TRI) Trauma Resource Institute. She has participated as a co-trainer teaching TRI’s-Community Resiliency Model and as a group facilitator for the Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM). She has also given educational presentations and worked with other community based organizations such as 18th Street Art’s Complex, The Writer’s Guild and The Psychological Trauma Center. For several years Merdice worked within the Foster Care community as a counselor and Group Home Administrator. Merdice holds degrees in Child Development and Clinical Psychology, is a Certified EMDR practitioner and has additional specialized training in Bereavement counseling.

Nancy Barickman, LISW

Nancy has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for over thirty years.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.She has over twenty years of clinical experience in issues of grief and loss with ten years directing a grief services program for the New Mexico Medical Examiners Office. She has a private practice and has traveled internationally with TRI to China and Haiti.


Nancy Sokolow is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Santa Monica, CA.   She is a Master CRM and TRM Trainer. As a member of the Senior Faculty for the Trauma Resource Institute, Nancy has taught both levels of the Trauma Resiliency Model, co-facilitated consultation groups, developed a specialty class on Addiction and the Application of the Trauma Resiliency Model, and traveled internationally as part of a team, to bring the Community Resiliency Model to Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. In addition to being somatically trained, she is EMDR certified.

Nathan Bergeron, LMFT, L.Ac.

Nathan Bergeron, LMFT, L.Ac., practices in Hollywood, California. He is licensed both as an acupuncturist and a psychotherapist.

Therapy that only focuses on talking deprives the individual of the tremendous gifts and wisdom that our body, emotions and nervous system communicate to us through a language of their own. When overwhelmed, in shock, fearful or traumatized, we loose our ability to remain resilient and to make life affirming choices that best serve us and those around us.

Nathan creates a safe and supportive alliance. He facilitates the integration of resources and strengths needed to courageously and creatively tackle and process the inner and outer pressures that hold people back from living a fulfilling and harmonious life. True empowerment requires that we integrate the complexity of who we are while embracing the ever-increasing complexity of our world.

Nathan also teaches Voice Dialogue, a psychotherapeutic modality that helps get in touch with all aspects of our personality (aka inner-selves), so that we can live a more conscious and empowering life. He is also EMDR Certified.

Contact Information:

Nobuko "Noni" Hattori, PhD

Nobuko "Noni" Hattori received her PhD from California School of Professional Psychology in 2004. She is a licensed clinical psychologist in California. She has worked with people dealing with addictions, anxiety, depression and life and cultural transition challenges. Dr. Hattori is a native of Japan and is part of the Nichi Bei Care Network. She has been a leading force in bringing biological based models (CRM and TRM) to Japan following the Great East Japan Earthquake. Dr. Hattori has translated the TRM/CRM materials into Japanese. She is publishing an article in February of 2013 about the Community Resiliency Model in Japan.

Patricia Butler, LCSW, LMFT

Patricia Butler is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has trained in Levels 1 and 2 of the Trauma Resiliency Model and has been a facilitator in the TRM trainings over the past 18 months. Her work includes a focus on relationship issues, trauma resolution, anxiety, depression, and adoption adjustment. She is a student of the Contemplative spiritual tradition including Contemplative Psychology and understands that issues of spirituality are often intertwined with the challenges that are presented in psychotherapy. In working with her clients, Patricia allows space for exploration of how life's struggles intersect with one's spiritual questions when this is appropriate and desired by her clients.

Peggy Rowe, PhD

Dr. Peggy Rowe is a chaplain, mindfuness teacher and consultant specializing in mindfulness education and facilitation, mentoring, curriculum design, leadership development & organizational change efforts.  For over 20 years she has dedicated herself to working with individuals and organizations that are transforming their present way of being in order to improve their quality of life and to better serve others.  She co-authored Making Friends with Time and Love’s Garden, which was selected as a Best Buddhist Book of 2009.

Peter E. Swords, LMSW

Peter grew up in small towns in upstate NY. He knew all 4 grandparents as teachers and pastors who loved kids. His mother taught music to little ones, and his dad gave him a sense of how things work. He has a close extended family, as all his paternal aunts and uncles were refugees from fascism. Married to Diane, a Ph.D sociologist, he’s a father of two adult children with Ph.Ds and now a grandfather. With just two masters degrees, he’s the resilient one in the family.
Peter and Diane met at Oberlin College during a turbulent time (e.g. anti-war protests, civil rights actions and the transition to co-ed dorms), and graduated in 1972. Peter spent a semester in South India and majored in linguistics. After Kent State, Oberlin ended the semester early. They took a bike trip from OH to NJ and have been together ever since.
After graduation, Peter apprenticed as a mechanic and worked on import cars for 18 years. He went to Syracuse University for speech and language pathology, got a non-clinical masters in 1980 and remained a mechanic for 8 more years. He decided to transition to human services in 1989 as a child protective caseworker, and worked 11 years during which he earned an MSW part time at SU. Social work jobs as care coordinator, Functional Family Therapist, trainer in strengths based assessment with the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS), and supervisor in Wraparound care coordination brought him to his present clinical position in home based crisis intervention with families of children at risk of hospitalization or out of home placement. He’s also been an associate in diversity training with the National Coalition Building Institute since 1998.
Peter had training in TRM and CRM over the past 4 years, including TRM 1 and 2, CRM and the CRM train-the-trainer. He’s helped organize local CRM workshops and facilitated practice groups in TRM. International work may be a future interest, as well as spending more time with grandchildren.

Randy Imhoff, LMFT

Randy Imhoff, LMFT is a retired Army Chaplain with over 30 years of
military service. He spent his last 10 years in the military as a
Family Life Chaplain. He is currently the Clinical Director of Family
Counseling Service of NNY, Inc in Watertown, NY.  Randy has facilitated at the Trauma Resiliency Model Trainings and is now a trainer.  He brings his rich knowledge of military culture to the Trauma Resource Institute.

Ronald C. Fish, Ph.D.

Ronald C. Fish, Ph.D., is the Clinical Director and Co-Owner of Psychological HealthCare, PLLC, a multispecialty group practice located in Syracuse, New York. He is especially interested in the effective integration of behavioral and physical healthcare and worked with Family Medicine residents on the psychosocial aspects of the doctor-patient relationship, meeting weekly from 1988 until 2015.  Ron is currently on the board of directors of HealtheConnections, the health information and data exchange for Central New York. He has encouraged other mental health professionals to become involved in business and leadership, teaching at the graduate level on Organizational Management at the Forest School for Professional Psychology. He has presented numerous invited papers at professional conferences on stress management, fibromyalgia, depression, marital enhancement, caring for the caregiver, and behavioral and physical healthcare integration. For many years he translated concepts embedded in the martial arts into a life skills program for parents and children. Ron is energized and enthusiastic about his involvement with TRI as a CRM/TRM Master Trainer.


Sakti Rose, MA, SEP brings over three decades of teaching experience and body-oriented clinical psychotherapy to her work. She is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and has been oriented to the Trauma Resiliency Model, and has taught these skills and assisted trainings with TRI nationally and internationally. Sakti received her Master’s degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO. She teaches mindfulness and trauma classes extensively over the past 16 years at hospitals, meditation centers and organizations.

Satsuki Ina, Ph.D., LMFT

Satsuki Ina, Ph.D., MFT
Dr. Ina is the founder of the Family Study Center, a community agency dedicated to providing community counseling services and post-graduate clinical training for marriage, family and child therapists. Dr Ina has been in private practice for over 25 years, specializing in cross-cultural counseling, interracial marriages, transracial adoptions and diversity training for agencies and corporations. She is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Counselor Education, School of Education, California State University, Sacramento. Dr. Ina is a founding member of the Nichi Bei Care Network, an association of Japanese and Japanese American therapists primarily focusing on mental health disaster relief effort in Japan. She is a therapist/facilitator for community trauma projects regarding Japanese American WWII concentration camp victims and the San Francisco Chinatown Clergy Abuse Healing Project. Dr. Ina has directed two documentaries, Children of the Camps and From a Silk Cocoon. Go to to learn more about Dr. Ina's collaborative film work.

Susan Reedy, MA, MFT

Susan Reedy, MA, MFT is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Arcadia, CA. She specializes in Child-Centered Play Therapy and has been extensively trained in the DIR Model of Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder, working with children with developmental delays, ASD, sensory regulation issues, and trauma histories. Along with her private practice she works as a consultant at Mayfield Junior School in Pasadena, CA where she teaches parent ed and introduces Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and CRM Skills to 2nd-5th graders. She is a frequent speaker at local schools and preschools, sharing CRM and MBSR skills with educators and also hosts an annual Play Therapy seminar at Azusa Pacific University to support incoming graduate students as they begin their internships in school settings. She has been involved with TRI since falling in love with the elegant design of the model at her first training in 2010. She is a TRM facilitator for both Level 1 and Level 2 trainings and has presented the CRM model with Elaine Miller-Karas at the ECHO Parenting conference: Changing the Paradigm—Trauma and the Developing Child. She loves nothing more than watching a child learn how to build their resources, track their bodies and find ways to stay in their resilient zone.

Toni Carreon, RN, BSN

Toni Carreon RN, BSN, MA, SEP, HTP, is a registered nurse, educator, and business owner of Cottage Pines Assisted Living.  She has incorporated the TRM skills into her roles as a clinical nurse and nurse educator. She has studied Healing Touch, Trauma Resiliency Model, Somatic Experiencing and is a Master HeartMath trainer for Kaiser Permanente, Fresno.  Ms. Carreon traveled to China with TRI and has brought her experience to the TRM trainings as a facilitator.  Ms. Carreon hopes to bring TRM skills to the nursing field where she believes it can make a contribution to healing patients. She has three children and three grandchildren residing in Clovis, Ca.

Wendi Svoboda, LCSW

Wendi Svoboda, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker in Los Angeles.  She has been involved with TRI since 2006.  Wendi is a facilitator of both Level 1 and Level 2 trainings, and has co-created and taught a TRM specialty class on utilizing TRM skills with the chronically mentally ill.  She works at a hospital in Sherman Oaks treating persons with chronic mental illnesses.   Wendi is a tutor for the Systems-Based Healthcare course at UCLA for 3rd year medical students and advanced practice nursing students.  Since 2004, Wendi has been an active member of Toastmasters, International; a public speaking and leadership organization. Wendi has a private practice in Burbank, CA where she uses both TRM and EMDR (in which she is certified).


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